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Red Velvet Yummy-ness

So last night after much thinking i decided to make some Red Velvet cupcakes. Now I have up until this point never made red velvet cupcakes. So let me say this OMFG I’m pretty sure i have radiation poisoning from all that red food coloring. Ok now that we have that out of the way.

Picture Goodness

Red Velvet Cupcake

Red Velvet Cupcake

I did like these cupcakes. They where very light and fluffy. But they didn’t have the velvet texture i imagined them to have. So I’m going to try another recipe i think. These cupcakes where light and airy and not as decadent as i would imagine a cupcake named Red Velvet.

So Bloddy Cakes gives Red Velvet Cupcakes a WIN! But it still needs improving.


Zomblie the Zombie Doll

Some people would say that Bloody Cakes has a unhealthy interest in all things zombie. To them i say………..OMG you are Soooooooooooooo right like i totally luv zombie stuff. Zombie movies, games, music, art, zombie everything. But then Bloody Cakes is way to cool to talk like that.

Really though There are a butt load of kick ass zombie stuff out there right now. There is a Video game Left 4 Dead that looks really promising. Published and developed by Valve software this is a FPS Apocalyptic zombie survival horror game. It looks like it could be a great addition to the zombie game library. Now if only it would come out on PS3.

On to another hobbie of mine. Croshay! Yes my little cream puffs Bloody Cakes can create fantabulos things with nothing but a stick and some yarn.


Zomblie and Spider friend!

So remember pettals your brain is a horable thing to wast. There are milions of starving zombies who would be happy to have it.


Shrinky Dinks…. not just for kids anymore!

Thats right kittens. Shrinky Dinks are comin back. And more often then not it’s us big “kids” playing with them. For $9.99 you can get a pack of 10 sheets, just a bit smaller then a piece of paper. You can even put them in your printer as long as it doesn’t get hot wile printing.

I have made a handful for earrings for The Spawn to wear to school. Most of the designs i got from photobucket. I just printed them off and traced them onto the shrinky dink sheet. After shrinking i used a spray paint gloss to seal them. These will be made into earrings/necklaces.



Sleepy Frankenstein *my original design*

Zombie Heart *my original design*

Girly Skull

I’m working up some origional stuff to use too. People are doing some crazy stuff with these now a days. Pretty cool stuffs.


Hello world! And other catchy phrases!

Yes the life of Bloody Cakes is taking off. Ok, so this is my first blog kind of. I had a LJ but dumped it to start anew. A new what I’m not sure. Most likely this will be a mash up of all my favorite things. Zombies…….Cupcakes…………Music…………….Video Games………….Movies………..with a slapdash of my crafts. You know just to keep things hopping.

But at the mo its getting late so this Bloody Cake is gonna get some shut eye.


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